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CCCPEKD College and Associate Membership

Membership - College Kinesiology/Dance/Athletic division -  $250

  • One vote will be allowed per college with an active paid membership
    (Please advise the CCCPEKD on your membership form who the voting member will be)

  • Communication regarding the discipline

  • Newsletters

  • Advocacy for the discipline

  • Professional Development opportunities

  • Two Business meetings per academic year (Fall and Spring)

  • Awards for faculty and students (nomination)


Associate Member - $50

  • Individuals who support the purpose and objectives of the CCCPEKD
    (Example: retired faculty/administrator from the discipline)

  • Communication regarding the discipline

  • Advocacy for the discipline

  • Can attend professional development sessions and business meetings

  • No voting right, cannot nominate for awards

Join CCCPEKD for the 2023/2024 Academic Year
In Three Easy Steps:

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