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President's Welcome

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

I hope this message finds you well. First, I would like to thank and recognize, Shelly Pierson for leading the way to reinvigorate the CCCPEKD.

As we embark on a new year, I am thrilled to extend my warmest welcome to all our members and future members of our esteemed community college association. I am honored to serve as your president and look forward to working together to strengthen our discipline.

We have an exciting lineup of plans in store for the coming year. One of our association goals will include fostering collaboration among our discipline area specialists. By leveraging the diverse expertise within our association, we aim to enhance the quality of education and further the advancement of our discipline through curriculum collaboration to meet the CalGETC requirements, continue to advocate through efforts from our political action committee, develop stronger communication initiatives to our membership and providing resources to support our discipline for our members.

In the spirit of collaboration, we will be organizing workshops and professional development events that offer opportunities for knowledge exchange, sharing best practices, and building professional connections. These events will provide a platform for you to engage with fellow educators, enabling us to collectively shape the future of our discipline post AB928, which will be implemented Fall 2025. We believe action must be taken now to meet important deadlines to be prepared for Fall 2025.

We have already hosted Part 1 of our Summer Curriculum Development Series on July 25th with another session scheduled for August 8th (details below).

I encourage you to stay engaged with our association by actively participating in our meetings and sessions and sharing your valuable insights and experiences. We would love to spotlight colleges that can share the good things being done on their campuses or if you have an idea for a workshop. Please reach out to us. Together, we can make a profound impact on our discipline and the lives of our students.

Thank you for being part of our vibrant community. Your dedication and passion are instrumental in shaping the future of education. I am confident that this year will be filled with meaningful collaboration and creative growth. Let's embark on this journey together and continue to create a positive and transformative experience for our CCC students.

Warm regards,

Jennifer Tanaka-Hoshijo, MA, MS

Professor of Kinesiology

Rio Hondo College



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